Captivate Capel 2019

Captivate Capel 2019

Captivate Capel 2019

On Saturday 26th October 2019 the Shire of Capel and its community had the honour of hosting is 3rd annual Captivate Capel event in celebration of Children’s Week WA and acknowledging the incredible partnership with Act Belong Commit as the Shire has been a Mentally Healthy WA Site Partner for 10 years.

Captivate Capel event is a free local community event held in the heart of Capel’s town centre at the Capel Civic Precinct (Earle Scott Park, Capel). This year’s event featured and showcased workshops in diverse forms of innovative performing art or active art undertaken by members of the community with the guidance of professional artists.

2019 Captivate Capel highlighted local talent and expression of mental health and wellbeing through engaging the community to move, dance and stay active by coming down on Saturday and getting involved in a variety of workshops, activities, free skateboarding clinic, a wearable art community parade and a record-breaking dance-off as we attempt to break a galactic record.

In the days leading up to Captivate Capel workshops were conducted in Capel and Dalyellup in preparation for the celebration. Both Shire of Capel, Capel and Dalyellup youth art groups worked on wearable art projects such as tie-dyed shirts, shoes, hats as well as wonderful body art designs to exhibit in the community parade. Capel Primary School was lucky enough to have us host a face painting workshop with Sara Urban a talented artist and musician. 96 students at Capel Primary School were show demonstrations on skill and techniques before engaging in face painting stations where talent was shown as they got to practice their techniques on themselves and each other. These workshops encouraged and gave confidence to the students to come down on Saturday and use their skills at our face painting stall as well as participate in the parade.

This was one of our most successful events with over 500 participants, 25 stalls and over 50 surveys completed on the day with coverage by GWN 7 News. With such amazing and positive feedback and support from the entire community, we are looking hopeful and excited towards a 4th annual year of Captivate Capel in 2020 with new themes and more to offer!

‘Well done to the Capel Shire! Captivate was excellent and there was a wonderful turn out.  cheers.’





‘Margaret River Skate School here. Thanks so much for having us. Our Skateboarding Workshop was super successful with heaps of kids having a go and really enjoying themselves. It’s a great plaza for Skateboarding and so good for the kids in and around Capel to have such a cool space to Skate at. We loved the festivities of the day and look forward to coming back next time. Great Event for all.’

‘Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Captivate Capel last weekend. I thought it was a lovely day, we saw some of our regular customers and made some new ones which is very positive. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the weather was lovely as was the setting and the band were excellent. My grandkids enjoyed the face painting, the fire truck and shoe painting. I’m sure a lot of work went in behind the scenes to ensure the day was successful and you are to be commended on your efforts.