Lego Challenge – Dalyellup Library

Lego Challenge – Dalyellup Library

During the January 2020 School Holidays Dalyellup Public Library held a “Lego Challenge” in the Alfresco Area of the Dalyellup Public Library , which is located in the Dalyellup Shopping Centre. 35 budding 

engineers between 5 and 10 years of age, came to accept challenges by the staff from Investing in Our Youth and Library Staff.

Children started with some free play and then they were ready for their challenges. The first challenge was to build a space ship, there were many Star Wars enthusiasts so there were some awesome spaceships 

created. The second challenge was to build a cartoon character. Many amazing characters like Spiderman and Bluey were built. The last challenge was build something only using RED bricks,  there were strawberries everywhere !


Did you know that Lego Promotes: Fine motor skills, Encourages sharing, Promotes creativity, Promote communication skills as well as improves problem solving skills.


Lego provide hours of fun !