Sports Spaces Plan update

Sports Spaces Plan update

The Shire of Capel has embarked on the development of a new Sports Spaces Plan, which will guide the development of and delivery of these spaces into the future.

Sport spaces provide a setting for formal structured sporting activities and:

  • Provide a venue for team competitions, physical skill development and training.
  • Are designed to accommodate playing surface, buffer zones and infrastructure requirements of specific or general sporting activity.
  • Enable players and spectators to attend with the express purpose of engaging in organised sporting activity, training or competition or watching the game.
  • Are readily accessed by community members for informal sport and recreation.

After an initial meet and greet of Shire Officers with community sporting users from Capel, Boyanup and Dalyellup in August and September 2017, the development of a consolidated needs assessment for a Shire of Capel Sports Spaces Plan has progressed to the next stage. 27 questions via an online questionnaire were sent to all seasonal hirers and known sporting clubs in the Shire of Capel. Ranging from membership and team participation data to current and future facility provision, the questions have been designed with the intention of obtaining a broader picture of the current level of Sports Spaces facility provision in the Shire of Capel and what may be required into the future. Once all this information has been collated, Shire Officers will met with the groups to confirm what has been provided is a valid report of the status of their organisations.

East Dalyellup Pavilion